HCMC Japan Street Le Thanh Ton is haunted with “red-light” activities

The HCMC Japan street on Le Thanh Ton in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, used to be a beloved mini Japan. Recently, however, it has become a source of discomfort for many due to the frequent calls of “Massage, sir” and potential hidden red-light activities.

Red light district in Saigon that existed 100 years ago

Red light district is an illegal part that still exist secretly in many parts of the city. However, there was a red light district in Saigon that existed 100 years ago, making it the most famous one ever. Nowadays, with the government work on easing these activities, the place no more exists.

Saigon Red Light District – Secrets nobody tells you

Just like other big cities in the world, there is a place called Saigon Red Light District inside the burstling Ho Chi Minh City. However, most of the articles on the internet do not give too much information about it. This articles will give you more insights, and secrets about one of the most famous nightlife areas in Saigon.

Giant “animal banh mi” in Saigon

Giant “animal banh mi” in Saigon become a trend loved by many locals. These VIetnamese breads are 60 centimeters long, weighting nearly a kilogram with the shape of crododiles, frogs, squids,… attract a lot of buyers.

6 Traditional Craft Villages in Ho Chi Minh City you should visit once

Ho Chi Minh City preserves its heritage and traditional values through its traditional craft villages, which have been around for hundreds of years. These villages serve as living witnesses to the city’s rich cultural history, each offering unique and impressive handcrafted products.

Abandoned Long Phuoc Kindergarten – Australian veteran contribution

The Long Phuoc Kindergarten was built as an act of healing of the war that passed many years ago. Contributed by AVVRG (Australia Vietnam Volunteer Resource Group), the kindergarten helped a lot of Vietnamese children for a few years before being abandoned.

Luscombe Airfield (Nui Dat) – Now and then

The Luscombe Airfield (or Nui Dat Airfield) was a runway built for 1st Australian Task Force (1ATF) in Vietnam War. Nowadays, there have been many changes to the site after many years. However, visitors will still see some similarities between the past and the present days of this runway.

List of Australian soldiers who died in Battle of Long Tan

The article “List of Australian Soldiers Who Died in the Battle of Long Tan” outlines the names of the soldiers who lost their lives in this Vietnam War conflict. It provides a concise record of those who fell during this significant battle, highlighting their contributions and sacrifice.

Battle of Long Tan Vietnam: Untold Australian’s stories

The Battle of Long Tan, which took place during 18 August 1966, was a heroic story of the brave Australian soldiers and Viet Cong during Vietnam War. With full photos, maps, inforgraphics and information, this is the most detailed article that will lead you to the untold stories of the famous Long Tan Battle.

Life as LGBT+ in Vietnam: Pride & Struggles

Ever wondered how life as LGBT+ in Vietnam is like? Is Vietnam a LGBT-friendly country? This article is showing you the truth, stories, struggles and tips for gay, lesbian or others in the community to travel or live in Vietnam.