Vietnam tourism: Foreign tourists spent 7 times more than domestic ones

Imagine this: Vietnam’s bustling streets and serene landscapes are becoming a hotspot for globetrotters, especially in the first three months of 2024. The numbers are in, and they’re impressive—4.6 million international visitors, suggesting a rebound that might even outshine 2019, the golden year of tourism. Picture someone like Hoàng Nhân Chính of the Vietnam Tourism Advisory Board practically beaming because international tourists aren’t just passing through; they’re bringing in a fortune in foreign currency.

History of Cyclos (Xich Lo) in Vietnam

Invented in 1936, the Cyclo (or Xich lo) first appeared in Vietnam in 1939 as one of the most popular means of transportation. The history of cyclos in Vietnam has been through 85 years until now, not only contributing to the country’s rich culture, but also in many other aspects like tourism.

Full history of Notre Dame Basilica Saigon: 1863 till present days

Learn the most detailed history of Notre Dame Basilica Saigon from the first day (1863) till the present days. This article will show the the most interesting stories, together with the unknown facts that many history lover may not even know.

Notre Dame Cathedral Saigon is under construction till 2027

Since 2017, Notre Dame Cathedral Saigon is under construction for renovating this iconic historical site of Ho Chi Minh City. Many years has passed, now the Cathedral is announced to be finished in 2027. Follow us to have a look at the journey of the church since its first year of renovation, and the future waiting after it is finished.

Ngo Viet Thu – the architect of Independence Palace

Ngo Viet Thu was a visionary Vietnamese architect, renowned for his design of the Independence Palace in Ho Chi Minh City. His work symbolizes Vietnam’s cultural and historical ethos, blending traditional values with modernist architecture. This piece delves into Thụ’s life, his architectural philosophy, and how the Independence Palace stands as his most enduring legacy.

Artifacts at Independence Palace: A closer look

Not only is Independence Palace a historical place, but it also contains the stunning artifacts before 1975. Let’s have a closer look into the artifacts at Independence Palace in this article.

Christmas 2023 at Independence Palace HCMC

Experience the magic of Christmas 2023 at Independence Palace in HCMC! This iconic historical landmark is not only a testament to Vietnam’s past, but also a perfect spot for unforgettable holiday memories. Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere as the palace is transformed into a stunning Christmas wonderland. Capture the joy and beauty of the season with enchanting decorations, dazzling lights, and joyful festivities. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to make your Christmas truly special at Independence Palace.

Independence Palace is closed for visitors on 20th December 2023

The Independence Palace has officially annouced to be closed for a day on December 20, 2023. This temporary close is for a fashion show hosted inside the palace.

Why 9Pay is chosen as AN Tours Vietnam’s secure payment gateway?

The importance of secure payment solutions cannot be overstated in any industries, especially tourism. Recognizing this critical need, AN Tours Vietnam has adopted 9Pay, a leading payment gateway known for its robust security measures and seamless transaction experience. Let’s find out how great it is for travelers.

Full History of Independence Palace – from 1868 to Present Days

Explore the full history of Independence Palace Ho Chi Minh City, a landmark reflecting Vietnam’s dynamic past. From its 1868 inauguration to its pivotal role in Vietnam’s reunification in 1975, this article guides travelers through each era of the Palace’s transformation, which will help you to understand the place better when visiting.