Halloween 2023 in Vietnam and top things to do

Halloween has been introduced to Vietnam for a long time and is a close holiday for young people as well as students. Halloween is known as the devil's festival and on this occasion, people will have the opportunity to dress up in spooky, scary costumes without being shy. If you have the chance to come to this beautiful country on Halloween 2023 in Vietnam and wonder if Vietnamese people play Halloween. And want to know what they do on this masquerade holiday. Let's find out about Halloween 2023 in Vietnam and the top things to do together with AN Tours Vietnam now!

What is the date of Halloween 2023 in Vietnam?

The annual Halloween festival will occur at the end of October 31. Halloween 2023 in Vietnam will fall on Tuesday, October 31, 2023. This will be the occasion that young people look forward to the most because they will have the opportunity to dress up as their favorite characters as well as meet friends after a long time.

What are the differences between Halloween in Vietnam and Western countries?

The difference between Halloween in the West and Vietnam by AN Tours Vietnam

Halloween has its roots in an ancient Western ritual, also known as the “festival of the devil”. Halloween is usually held before the feast of All Saints in Christianity. to end a successful harvest before the cold winter begins.

Halloween in Western countries comes from many different origins. It carries many meanings to commemorate the deceased, honor the Saints who have gone to heaven, to remember the lost loved ones in the family. This masquerade festival also has the meaning of warding off evil spirits and bad luck to receive more luck.

The biggest difference between Halloween in Vietnam and Western countries is that Halloween is not too popular in Vietnam. Halloween here is only for young people and adults. Most of them will not care too much about this devilish festival. The second difference is about Halloween customs. In Western countries, people will often have activities such as decorating pumpkins, going door-to-door, and playing trick or treat, but in Vietnam, these activities are almost not happening.

Activities not to be missed on Halloween

Masquerade Day

Masquerade Day - AN Tours Vietnam

Although Halloween is not too popular in Vietnam, it is loved and strongly responded to by young people because this is an opportunity for them to put on colorful dresses like princess dresses or dress up as characters. cartoon object. Some young people even like to dress up as scary characters. Halloween in Vietnam is often held in international schools, the students will have a festival or you will easily see the carnival that will be held in bars, and pubs, and the atmosphere is equally bustling. Halloween is also an opportunity for those of you who are passionate about Cosplay and there are many cosplay festivals taking place at event locations in Vietnam.

Watch ghost movies with friends

Movie - AN Tours Vietnam

Halloween is also an occasion for us to gather with friends. If you don’t want to go out on Halloween 2023 in Vietnam, why not stay at home and watch ghost movies with your grandmother to enjoy the Halloween atmosphere? It would be great if on an evening covered in a spooky atmosphere and watched classic movies of the Halloween season such as Halloween Kills, The Conjuring, and Dark Shadows.

Turn off the lights and tell ghost stories on Halloween

Ghoststory - AN Tours Vietnam

It will be interesting to gather friends, brothers, sisters, and brothers in the bedroom, turn off the lights, and tell scary ghost stories. Telling ghost stories is quite common in Vietnam and many scary stories have been circulated for a long time. Ghost stories will make you scared but also excited and curious, this will be an unforgettable memory for you and your loved ones this Halloween.

Party with friends

Party with friends - AN Tours Vietnam

An interesting idea for Halloween 2023 in Vietnam is to party with friends. Night partying on Halloween is a must around the world. Quite similar to the dress code party, you can turn into your favorite character according to the theme of the party. At that party, you can dance, play games, meet new people, and enjoy traditional Halloween food. In Vietnam, Halloween usually takes place in bars and people can come here to have fun. At parties, there is often a score for the best Halloween costumes, so dress up gorgeously because maybe you have fun and have gifts to bring home.

Organize a party

Organize a party - AN Tours Vietnam

If you don’t want to be crowded in crowded places and meet strangers, you can come up with the idea of ​​​​hosting a party on Halloween. You can invite close friends, family to your home and gather. Then cook together and then eat a cozy dinner. This is also a way to celebrate a happy Halloween with the people you love.

Explore the neighborhood on festival days

Neighborhood - AN Tours Vietnam

One of the fun activities on Halloween 2023 in Vietnam is to have fun with your neighbors in your area. Halloween is also an occasion for children to gather and have fun after school hours. Gather together with your neighbors, cook delicious food, and chat together to strengthen bonds. This is also an opportunity for you to make new friends and have a warm Halloween.

Give gifts to loved ones

Gift - AN Tours Vietnam

If you think of Halloween as a festival to party, dress up or watch horror movies, but also an occasion to meet loved ones and give them their favorite gifts. There is nothing better than when the people you love receive unexpected gifts and they will be very happy for it. Halloween should also be an occasion for us to look back and pay more attention to our loved ones after busy times with work.

Go to the shopping mall and coffee shops with Halloween decor

Halloween decor - AN Tours Vietnam

Halloween is the time when shopping malls and cafes decorate with Halloween themes the most. On Halloween, shopping malls will decorate Halloween with colorful shapes and characters for customers to admire. In addition, on this occasion, there will be many shopping promotions, so you should not miss the opportunity to hunt for sales on Halloween. The cafes are not only decorated with Halloween themes but also have unique and limited drinks on this day. You can enjoy and relax during this spooky holiday if you have time.

Join a tour to see the local Halloween celebration

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If you travel to Vietnam on the occasion of Halloween 2023, why not try to join a local tour to have a new experience on your trip? AN Tours Vietnam will bring you an exciting experience. You will discover typical local dishes that are nowhere to be found as well as hidden gems that few tourists know about. It will be fun if you can both have a local experience but also enjoy the Halloween atmosphere in Vietnam.

Check out some local tours at

Local Night Walking Tour

Local Night Food Tour by scooters

What is the custom to celebrate Halloween in Vietnam in 2023?

Custom to celebrate Halloween - AN Tours Vietnam

Halloween in Vietnam does not carry any religious meaning, it is simply a holiday for people to gather and meet friends. Halloween is also a day for young people and is well received. Halloween in Vietnam has many meanings that you may not know.

Create a useful playground for students and children

Students today carry great pressure such as pressure on grades and exams, so students must have a healthy playground. Organizing collective activities, and extracurricular activities for students is necessary and useful to create a healthy playground, relax, reduce the pressure of studying, and stimulate the spirit of learning. student’s.

Educating students to absorb the cultural quintessence of countries in the world selectively

Young people will learn about the culture of different countries and better understand the definition and meaning of Halloween. In addition, this holiday also brings new knowledge as this is not a festival organized to scare others, but it also has a humanistic meaning as well as a costume show to help children have fun. many better creative ideas.

Although Halloween in each country is different and the culture of Western countries and Asian countries is different, Halloween always has positive and humanistic meanings, not just a costume festival. Try to experience the Halloween atmosphere in Vietnam by contacting AN Tours Vietnam now. This will be an interesting and memorable experience in your travel when you set foot in this hospitable country.

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