Ho Chi Minh City airport transfer types & which is best to do?

When you first travel to Ho Chi Minh City - Viet Nam, you will feel strange, worried and not know how to move from the airport to the hotel. Do not worry; there are many airport transfers for you to choose as well as private airport transportation to feel comfortable when traveling to Vietnam. AN Tours Vietnam will introduce you to the best airport transfers so that you have a pleasant and fulfilling holiday.

Some transportations you can use to move from the airport to hotels in Ho Chi Minh City:

1. Grab - Technology Transport:

Grab (formerly called GrabTaxi) was founded in 2012 and is a technology company that provides transportation services in Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam. Initially, Grab only applied for cars in Malaysia and Singapore. Noting that traffic jams are common, Grab added GrabBike services to suit countries that use motorcycles, such as Viet Nam, Thailand, and Indonesia.

The Grab car booking app has been extremely popular in Vietnam in recent years because of its reasonable cost, quick booking and friendly drivers. Grab is a popular car booking technology app on your phone, users just need to perform a few simple operations, such as accessing the app and typing pickup points and destinations, and the app will immediately notify them of the fee. Users choose to book the car and wait for Grab to pick you up.

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  • Download Grab IOS: Grab
  • Download Grab Google Play: Grab

2. Taxis - Traditional Taxis:

Over the years, the Vietnamese taxi transportation market has experienced a lot of volatility due to the strong impact of technology taxi and the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as energy supply problems and trends in the use of tram taxis. In that context, traditional taxis have constant innovations to develop. However, traditional taxis are still used by a lot of people because you can pick up the car quickly on the road. This is suitable for older adults who are unfamiliar with technology. In Vietnam, there are two traditional taxi companies that you can refer to, such as:

  • Mai Linh Taxi: Mai Linh Taxi is available across 63 provinces and 4 major island districts with 30,000 employees and more than 16,000 vehicles, operating in many fields: taxi transportation, taxi technology, maintenance and repair, car rental, long-haul vehicles, buses, tourism, high-speed trains, insurance business, and logistics. After landing on the plane, you can call a taxi at Xinjiang airport by turning the driver on. But now that the traditional taxi service has been significantly improved because at the airport there is always an operator to call a passenger support car, you will be quickly moved without having to wait too long.

Hotline: 1055 (you can call the center to book a taxi)

Mai Linh Taxi fees: from 10.000 VND/km 

  • Vinasun Taxi: For a lot of people in Saigon, talking about taxi services means thinking about. Vinasun Taxi is a strong brand in the city.Ho Chi Minh Street, Binh Duong, Dong Nai with a level of recognition over 95 percent.  The Vinasun taxi system is available at Tân Sơn Airport and you can easily catch up if you need to travel anywhere.
  • Hotline: 02838272727 (you can call the center to book a taxi)

Vinasun Taxi fees: from 11.000 VND/km

Ho Chi Minh City airport transfer types & which is best to do - AN Tours Vietnam

3. Catch a bus - public transportation:

Buses are a form of public transportation that has long existed in Vietnam because of their low cost and suitability for workers and students. You can catch a bus anywhere on the road because buses are available across the provinces of Vietnam. The airport has five main bus lines serving the needs of passengers, with routes from the airport to key places in Ho Chi Minh City and vice versa on bus lines 152, 109.

Bus No. 152: Residential District of Trung Son, Ben Thanh Market, Airport:

  • Activity time: 05:15–19:00
  • Tickets: 5.000 VND/person
  • Moving time: 50–55 minutes/ turn
  • Frequency: 15–25 minutes/ turn, 96 journeys/day.

Bus No. 109: Saigon Bus Terminal-Airport

  • Operating time: 00:05–23:40
  • Tickets: 12.000 VND/lane (under 5 km) and 20.000 VND/ride (over 5 km).
  • Moving time: 45 minutes per turn.
  • Frequency: 25 minutes/turn, 90 rounds/day.

4. Private airport transfer services of AN Tours Vietnam:

In addition to public transportation such as Grab, buses, and taxis, the use of a private airport shuttle is also an ideal option. Using a private airport shuttle service at AN Tours Vietnam gives you a comfortable experience as well as guaranteed privacy and not being disturbed after a long and tired flight. 

Benefits when using private airport transfer service at AN Tours Vietnam:


You will feel comfortable using the private airport transfer service at AN Tours Vietnam because, after a long flight, you will need to rest and fall asleep for a while. This helps you avoid being disturbed and guarantees privacy. The use of a private airport transfer is very suitable for crowded families with children because your children can be a little frisky and impatient. You can let your children play with toys comfortably and not bother others.

Ho Chi Minh City airport transfer types & which is best to do - AN Tours Vietnam

A professional driver.

When choosing a private airport transfer at AN Tours Vietnam, you will meet a professional, attentive, and dedicated driver. You will be served on the spot, carry your luggage in the car, and have a comfortable seat. During the journey, you can talk to the driver to learn more about the culture, cuisine, and people of the place you are traveling to.

Saving time

You won’t have to wait too long, and don’t take too much time to move. Waiting is extremely unpleasant because, after a long flight, you will feel tired and need to go back to the hotel to rest as well as take your luggage.


Safety is important and worth noting when traveling. You will not be disturbed, avoid noise, or be in danger when moving in private vehicles. Private airport transfers are strictly controlled, and this ensures that unpleasant things are avoided.

No additional expenses

You won’t have to worry about additional charges at AN Tours Vietnam, such as fuel, after you have booked a private transport service. Moreover, drivers will never charge extra for distance.

Ho Chi Minh City airport transfer types & which is best to do

​​The advantages and disadvantages of the private airport transfer service AN Tours Vietnam versus the transportation such as Grab, traditional taxis, and public buses:

Some airport private transfer services at AN Tours Vietnam:

1. Tan Son Nhat airport private arrival transfer:

When you land at Tan Son Nhat Airport, the driver will wait for you outside the lobby with a sign with your name on it. After greeting you, they will escort you to the chosen car. If you encounter any delays or need to change the trip, all drivers receive direct updates on the arrival time of your flight, so your driver will always wait for you to land and take you to your hotel. Using a private airport transfer when you arrive will save your  time and make you feel welcome when traveling.

2. Hotels departure to the airport transfer:

At the end of your holiday, the private airport transfer of An Tours Vietnam will pick you up at the hotel and take you to Tan Son Nhat airport. The drivers are always ready and happy to serve our guests.

Note: contact Whatsapp/ Phone number  +84.37.4463.73 (Henry) if you have any problems with the private airport transfer service.

Ho Chi Minh City Airport Transfer – Professional Service

The private airport transfer service of AN Tours Vietnam does not take too much time to wait but also guarantees your privacy when traveling. This is an extremely correct and ideal choice to have a fun and comfortable trip with your family and friends.

For more details about the tour and if you intend to travel in Ho Chi Minh City and want to know more details about a private airport transfer, please contact An Tours Vietnam for advice and more interesting tourist information!