Hue Abandoned Water Park: An Adventurer’s Guide & Its Secrets

Explore the Hue Abandoned Water Park with our detailed guide and uncover its hidden secrets. Learn how to get there, what to expect, and tips for a safe visit. Ideal for travelers looking for an off-the-beaten-path experience in Hue, this article provides practical advice for navigating the park's ruins and making the most of your adventure. Discover the history behind the abandoned attractions and how to responsibly enjoy this unique site.
Hue Abandoned Water Park An Adventurer's Guide & Its Secrets
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Where is Hue Abandoned Water Park?

The Hue Abandoned Water Park, also known as Thuy Tien Lake (Hồ Thủy Tiên in Vietnamese), is located just outside the city of Hue in central Vietnam. Specifically, it is situated about 10 kilometers (about 6 miles) south of Hue’s city center. This makes it relatively easy to access for those visiting the historical city of Hue, which is known for its rich history, including the famous Imperial City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park itself is set in a rural area, surrounding a man-made lake, and offers a stark contrast to the cultural and historical landmarks found in the heart of Hue.

For the exact location, you can visit Hue Abandoned Water Park on Google Maps.

Abandoned Water Park in Hue from above
Abandoned Water Park in Hue from above

Hue Abandoned Park - Opening hours & ticket

Hue Abandoned Water Park (Thuy Tien Lake) does not have official opening hours or a ticket price because it is not formally open to the public. The park was abandoned and has been in a state of disrepair for many years. Despite this, it has attracted visitors and become an unofficial tourist attraction for those interested in urban exploration and photography.

Given the unofficial status of the site, visitors have been able to enter at various times of the day without purchasing a ticket. However, sometimes there will be a security guard coming to stop you from entering. You can give him 20,000 – 50,000 VND to ignore and let you go inside.

Also, be careful of information on the internet, some websites provide wrong information about the park’s opening hours and tickets. You can see the photo below as an example:

Many websites give wrong information about opening hours and tickets of the Abandoned Park in Hue
Many websites give wrong information about opening hours and tickets of the Abandoned Park in Hue

Thuy Tien Park history

Located in Thuy Bang commune, Hue city, Thuy Tien Lake amusement park was established by the Hue Monuments Conservation Center in 2001 with an investment of 70 billion VND, covering 49 hectares. It featured a dragon-shaped aquarium, water music stage, and water playground among others. Despite its completion in 2004 and high expectations, it quickly became deserted due to insufficient revenue and visitor interest, leading to the relocation of its aquarium animals.

Taken over by Haco Hue in 2008 for renovation, the project was deemed unfeasible by 2017, resulting in its abandonment. The park, once featured in American media, now lies in disrepair with broken glass, rusted iron, littered aquarium, and graffiti-covered walls, posing safety risks. This also leads to its name “The Abandoned Water Park in Hue”.

In 2024, Hue City plans to revitalize the area with a 20 billion VND investment, focusing on a 2 km pathway around the lake, improved lighting, and water systems, aiming to transform it into a community park akin to Da Vien Park on the Huong River. This also means the Dragon construction in the water park will be destroyed.

How to reach Hue Abandoned Waterpark?

From Hue City center

  • By Motorbike or Scooter: Renting a motorbike or scooter is the most flexible and popular way to visit the park. It’s about a 10 to 15-minute ride from the city center. Use a GPS or a map app for directions to Thuy Tien Lake or the Hue Abandoned Water Park. The route is relatively straightforward.
  • By Taxi or Ride-Sharing Service: A taxi or a ride-sharing service can offer a direct and comfortable way to get there. It’s advisable to negotiate the fare beforehand or make sure the meter is used. Some services might even offer a round-trip option with waiting time.
  • By Bicycle: For those who prefer a bit of exercise, biking to the park is possible. It’s a longer journey by bike, taking about 30-45 minutes depending on your pace and starting point, but it offers a scenic and enjoyable route.


  • Starting Point: Ensure your starting location is set in Hue city center.
  • Destination: Input “Thuy Tien Lake” or “Hue Abandoned Water Park” into your GPS or map app. The park is located near Thuy Bang commune, south of Hue city.
  • Follow Route: Follow the suggested route by your navigation app. The park is situated off Highway 49, near the outskirts of Hue, providing a relatively easy drive or ride.
Route to Abandoned Water Park from Hue City Center
Route to Abandoned Water Park from Hue City Center

What to expect at Hue Abandoned Water Park?

  • Dragon Aquarium: The centerpiece is a massive dragon structure that once housed an aquarium. Visitors can enter the dragon’s mouth and explore the empty tanks and spaces inside, offering unique photo opportunities.
  • Water Slides and Pools: Scattered throughout the park are remnants of water slides, pools, and play areas, now empty and taken over by nature.
  • Theater and Stages: Some areas once served as performance stages and seating for guests, are now silent and empty.
  • Lake and Scenery: The lake around which the park was built still offers serene views and a sense of calm amidst the decay. However, keep in mind that the lake will be completely dry in the hot seasons.
Dragon Aquarium
Dragon Aquarium
Water slides and pools
Water slides and pools
The old Theater & Stage
Lake and Scenary of Abandoned Park in Hue
Lake and Scenary of Abandoned Park in Hue

Safety tips when visiting

Given the unique history and specific conditions of the Hue Abandoned Water Park, safety tips need to address the particular challenges and hazards present at this site. Here are tailored safety tips considering its past and present state:

  • The park has been abandoned for years, leading to significant deterioration. Avoid climbing on structures like the water slides or the dragon aquarium, as these are no longer stable and could collapse under weight.
  • Although the pools and water features are no longer in use, rainwater can accumulate, creating slippery surfaces and hidden underwater hazards. Stay clear of standing water areas to avoid slips or falls.
  • The park is overgrown with vegetation, which can hide potential dangers such as sharp objects, uneven ground, or even wildlife. Stick to visible paths as much as possible, and consider carrying a walking stick to help part vegetation and probe for stable footing.
  • The dragon aquarium is a popular spot for exploration, but its interior is dark and filled with debris. Use a flashlight to navigate its interior safely, watching for broken glass, metal scraps, and sharp edges.

Photography tips for Hue Abandoned Water Park

Capture the Contrast

Emphasize the contrast between the man-made structures and the way nature has begun to reclaim the space. The dragon aquarium overrun by vegetation or water slides entangled in vines showcases this battle between human endeavors and natural forces.

Capture the Contrast at the Dragon Aquarium
Capture the Contrast at the Dragon Aquarium

Telling a Story Through Decay

Look for details that tell the story of decay and abandonment. Rusting structures, peeling paint, and overgrown pathways can convey the passage of time since the park’s closure. When photographing inside the dragon aquarium or other structures, use the available light to highlight the eerie, abandoned feel. A flashlight or external light source can help illuminate the darker corners.

Telling a Story Through Decay in the Abandoned Park of Hue
Telling a Story Through Decay in the Abandoned Park of Hue

Elevated Views

If safely possible, find a higher vantage point to capture the scale of the abandonment. The vastness of the park and the isolation of the structures within the landscape can be striking from above. A flying drone is recommended.

Lake and Scenary of Abandoned Park in Hue
Elevated view

Other attractions near Hue Abandoned Water Park

When visiting the Hue Abandoned Water Park, you have the opportunity to explore a number of remarkable attractions nearby, making your trip to Hue, Vietnam, even more memorable. These include:

  • Imperial City: A sprawling complex that was once the heart of Vietnam’s royal administration, featuring palaces, temples, and remnants of the Forbidden Purple City.
  • Thien Mu Pagoda: This historic seven-story pagoda stands as a spiritual beacon on the north bank of the Perfume River, offering tranquil views and a serene atmosphere.
  • Tomb of Tu Duc and Tomb of Khai Dinh: These royal tombs represent the opulence and unique architectural styles of their respective emperors, set amidst lush landscapes.
  • Perfume River: A boat trip on this beautifully named river provides scenic views of Hue, passing by several historical sites and contributing to a peaceful experience.
  • Dong Ba Market: The largest market in Hue, where you can immerse yourself in the local culture, cuisine, and shopping for traditional Vietnamese goods.
  • Hue Royal Antiquities Museum: A treasure trove of artifacts from Vietnam’s royal history, especially focusing on the Nguyen Dynasty, offering a deep dive into the country’s past.
  • Truong Tien Bridge: An iconic structure that lights up beautifully at night, creating a picturesque scene over the Perfume River.
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