Milestone Zero Ha Giang – The start of all Ha Giang Loop tours

Milestone Zero in Ha Giang marks the beginning of an unforgettable journey through the Ha Giang Loop, serving as the gateway to the region's mesmerizing landscapes. This iconic starting point is not just a location but a symbol of adventure, inviting travelers to embark on a journey through towering mountains, deep valleys, and vibrant cultures.
Milestone Zero Ha Giang - The start of all Ha Giang Loop tours
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Where is Milestone Zero Ha Giang?

Located in the heart of Ha Giang city, the Milestone Zero (KM0) Ha Giang is situated in a lush park, directly across from the 26th of March Square, close to the post office, and beside the picturesque Lo River.

The Milestone Zero in Ha Giang holds a symbolic significance as the commencement point for travelers embarking on their journey across the karst plateau. While it might not be a traditional tourist attraction, its spiritual and memorial value is immense, marking the start of an epic traverse through serpentine roads and sheer cliff faces. It stands as a poignant reminder of the adventure and introspection that lies in the heart of each visitor’s journey through this rugged landscape.

History of Milestone Zero Ha Giang

Under French colonial rule, on August 20, 1891, the Governor-General of Indochina, De Lanetxang, divided the Second Military Zone (which included Ha Giang) into three provinces: Lang Son, Cao Bang, and Ha Giang. At that time, Ha Giang comprised Tương Yên district and Vĩnh Tuy county.

Later, the exact date unclear, Milestone Zero was constructed, capturing Ha Giang’s provincial details and accompanying the area through the years. Recently, it has emerged as a famous tourist checkpoint as more visitors explore Ha Giang.

Best time to visit

The best time of day to visit Milestone Zero in Ha Giang for optimal experience is in the early morning. This time offers softer light for photography, cooler temperatures for comfortable exploration, and fewer crowds, allowing for a more personal experience at this iconic starting point of the Ha Giang Loop. Besides, if you join a Ha Giang Loop Tour, you will most likely visit this place in the early morning to start the journey.

Tourists check in Ha Giang Milestone Zero
Tourists check in Ha Giang Milestone Zero

Removal & resconstruction in 2023

In June 2023, social media widely shared images of the Milestone Zero in Ha Giang being removed by workers.

In reality, there are two different markers at the Milestone Zero location. The removed marker on Nguyen Trai Street sidewalk was a traffic signpost, while the remaining one marks administrative boundaries, prominently located in the central park of Ha Giang City, opposite the 26.3 Square, and only a short distance from the removed marker.

The removal aimed to enhance the park’s aesthetic and ensure visitor safety. The traffic direction marker was reinstalled three days later after refurbishments.

Milestone Zero KM0 Ha Giang was removed - June 2023
Milestone Zero KM0 Ha Giang was removed - June 2023
The marker was put back 3 days later
The marker was put back 3 days later
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