Quoc Trinh Gold Shop – Is it legit & exchange rate

Where is Quoc Trinh Gold Shop and is it legit to exchange money? This article will give you full information about Quoc Trinh Gold Shop address, opening hours, exchange rate and more.
Quoc Trinh Gold Shop - Is it legit & exchange rate
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What services does Quoc Trinh Gold Shop offer?

Situated in the heart of Hanoi, the Quoc Trinh Gold Shop is a hallmark of tradition in the jewelry and precious metal industry, easily identifiable on the bustling streets of Ha Trung. The shop’s dedication to excellence is evident in the exquisite craftsmanship of its gold jewelry offerings, where each piece reflects meticulous attention to detail.

Quoc Trinh Gold Shop, however, is not only celebrated for its jewelry. It has also carved out a niche in the currency exchange sector, offering transparent and straightforward services that have garnered a substantial and varied clientele. The efficiency with which it handles the high demand for currency exchange is remarkable, ensuring that every transaction is completed promptly and satisfactorily.

One of the defining features of Quoc Trinh Gold Shop is its competitive exchange rates, particularly for the USD, making it a preferred destination for many customers in need of currency exchange. This reputation for favorable rates, combined with fast service and transactional integrity, positions Quoc Trinh Gold Shop as a first choice for both jewelry enthusiasts and those seeking reliable places for currency exchange in Hanoi.

Inside Quoc Trinh Gold shop
Inside Quoc Trinh Gold shop

Where is Quoc Trinh Gold Shop & contacts

Quoc Trinh Gold Shop is located at 27-29 Ha Trung, Hang Bong, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. To visit the gold shop, you can easily walk, take a taxi or motorbike to get to it within 10-30 minutes.

The opening hours of Quoc Trinh Gold Shop are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Monday to Saturday). It is closed on Sunday.

You can easily contact Quoc Trinh Gold Shop by calling their phone number: 0949438223

Is Quoc Trinh Gold Shop legit? Its reviews?

Quoc Trinh Gold Shop is a well-established business in Hanoi, known for its jewelry and currency exchange services. The area in which the gold shop is located is also a famous area for money exchange.

The gold shop has an overall review of 3.5/5 (49+ reviews):

  • Positive reviews: most of the 4-5 star reviews are about the good rate of Quoc Trinh Gold Shop
  • Negative reviews: there are some customers complaining about their service and staff’s behavior

Updated currency exchange rate at Quoc Trinh Gold Shop

Here is the updated currency exchange rate at Quoc Trinh Gold Shop (to Vietnam Dong – VND):

Currency Buying Rate Selling Rate
USD 24420 24640
GBP 30183 31452
EUR 25920 26924
JPY 15955 16658
AUD 15657 16347
SGD 17786 18534
HKD 3058 3187
CAD 17755 18501
CHF 27428 28319
NZD 14817 15298
THB 659 708
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