Top 10 best Banh Mi in Hanoi

Looking for great Banh mi in Hanoi? You’re in the right place! Hanoi has some of the best Banh mi spots. We’ve put together a list of the top 10 places where you can enjoy these delicious Vietnamese sandwiches.

Giant “animal banh mi” in Saigon

Giant “animal banh mi” in Saigon become a trend loved by many locals. These VIetnamese breads are 60 centimeters long, weighting nearly a kilogram with the shape of crododiles, frogs, squids,… attract a lot of buyers.

Vietnam Banh Mi Festival 2024 attracted 100 thousand guests

Taking place from 17/05 to 19/05, the Vietnam Banh Mi Festival 2024 hold 130 booths selling all kinds of Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwiches). The festival attracted about 100 thousand guests, adversiting the famous Vietnamese food to the top of the world.