List of Australian soldiers who died in Battle of Long Tan

The article “List of Australian Soldiers Who Died in the Battle of Long Tan” outlines the names of the soldiers who lost their lives in this Vietnam War conflict. It provides a concise record of those who fell during this significant battle, highlighting their contributions and sacrifice.

Long Tan Cross – Story & visitor guide

Long Tan Cross – the memorial place for fallen Australian soldiers in the Battle of Long Tan – is the most visited attraction for Aussie to Vietnam. This article provides a comprehensive guide for visitors, offering practical tips on how to reach the memorial, what to expect, and ways to respectfully pay tribute at the Long Tan Cross, Vietnam.

Battle of Long Tan Vietnam: Untold Australian’s stories

The Battle of Long Tan, which took place during 18 August 1966, was a heroic story of the brave Australian soldiers and Viet Cong during Vietnam War. With full photos, maps, inforgraphics and information, this is the most detailed article that will lead you to the untold stories of the famous Long Tan Battle.