Abandoned Long Phuoc Kindergarten – Australian veteran contribution

The Long Phuoc Kindergarten was built as an act of healing of the war that passed many years ago. Contributed by AVVRG (Australia Vietnam Volunteer Resource Group), the kindergarten helped a lot of Vietnamese children for a few years before being abandoned.

Luscombe Airfield (Nui Dat) – Now and then

The Luscombe Airfield (or Nui Dat Airfield) was a runway built for 1st Australian Task Force (1ATF) in Vietnam War. Nowadays, there have been many changes to the site after many years. However, visitors will still see some similarities between the past and the present days of this runway.

Battle of Long Tan Vietnam: Untold Australian’s stories

The Battle of Long Tan, which took place during 18 August 1966, was a heroic story of the brave Australian soldiers and Viet Cong during Vietnam War. With full photos, maps, inforgraphics and information, this is the most detailed article that will lead you to the untold stories of the famous Long Tan Battle.