Things to do in Vietnam with kids

If you are planning to travel and want to take your kids with you but you are still hesitant about the destination, visit Vietnam right away. Vietnam is a beautiful country famous for its poetic natural landscapes, majestic mountains as well as a rich cuisine famous all over the world. So is Vietnam suitable for bringing your kids to travel or does Vietnam have kids-friendly activities? Follow AN Tours Vietnam to learn about things to do in Vietnam with kids for more detailed information and be ready for an experience-filled summer vacation right away!
Things to do in Vietnam with kids - AN Tours Vietnam

Is Vietnam suitable for kids to travel to?

Vietnam has always been an ideal tourist destination for everyone, including kids because Vietnam is a country known for its hospitality. Vietnamese people are friendly and always ready to help tourists when they need it. 

When coming to Vietnam, kids will learn many interesting lessons such as participating in experiential activities such as taking courses in cooking traditional Vietnamese dishes, learning about the history of the country through a tour of Cui Chi Tunnels, and joining some useful workshops such as making rice paper and making coconut candy in the Mekong Delta. There are countless rewarding and exciting things when traveling to Vietnam with kids so let your kids come to Vietnam so they can get away from computer screens and other electronic devices and learn a lot of fascinating knowledge.

Things to do in Vietnam with kids

1. Mekong Delta: My Tho - Ben Tre with kids:

Mekong Delta Tour - AN Tours Vietnam

The Mekong Delta has long been famous for foreign tourists because it has many exciting activities for families. Mekong Delta is the top destination of many tourists because the beautiful countryside river water helps people to reconcile with nature and there are many specialties and delicious food. 


Travel to Vietnam with kids to Mekong Delta: Ben Tre – My Tho is an ideal place. Activities that tourists can engage with kids can be described as:

  • Take a boat on the river to enjoy the picturesque views of South Vietnam.
  • Walk and cycle around the village of Vietnam and enjoy the fresh atmosphere and peace of the place.
  • Enjoy tropical fruits, cranberries, honey tea, and coconut candy – these are the fascinating specialties of the Mekong Delta. Tourists can also experience making coconut candy at the traditional coconut facility with their kids. It will be an unforgettable experience and kids will learn more new things.
  • Enjoy the local atmosphere on a hand rowing sampan along the shady, breezy small canal. Then we will transfer to local transportation called “Xe Loi” to travel throughout the village.

2. Cu Chi Tunnels with kids:

Saigon Unseen City Tour - AN Tours Vietnam

Cu Chi is home to the incredibly proud history of the Vietnamese people and is a tourist spot that any foreign tourist is curious about and wants to learn about. 

Tourists when coming to Vietnam with kids can choose to visit Cu Chi Tunnels so that their children have new experiences and learn more about interesting historical knowledge and participate in many workshops such as:


  • Visit the traditional village craft-making rice paper and participate in rice paper making. Through this activity, tourists and kids can learn more about the origin of rice paper and it will be a very unforgettable experience when tourists can make rice paper by themselves to learn about this traditional Vietnamese dish.
  • Going down the Cu Chi Tunnels, and walking along the tunnel will give tourists a real-world experience of the Vietnam War and acquire historical knowledge of authentic tunnels that Vietnam soldiers used to secretly move to in the past.
  • Visit the shooting area and see the exhibition of ancient weapons.

3. Local walking food tour in Vietnam with kids:

Flower Market - AN Tours Vietnam

Traveling to Vietnam with kids, travelers shouldn’t forget to enjoy Vietnamese cuisine. Vietnamese cuisine has long been famous for its attractive, tasty, and cheap street food. Many Vietnamese cuisines and restaurants have reached the top of Michelin Star so tourists can be completely confident about the quality. 

Some attractive dishes that tourists can enjoy along with their kids:

  • Bo La Lot (Vietnamese Grilled Beef In Wild Betel Leaf).
  • Kem Chuoi (Banana Ice Cream).
  • Banh Mi (Vietnamese Bread).
  • Banh Khot (Vietnamese Mini Pancake).

4. Phu Quoc Jeep Tour & Cable Car:

Phu Quoc Cable Car

A holiday in the sea is always a favorite place for kids. Phu Quoc is always the top choice because it is home to inland green sea water, smooth white sand, and a beautiful, attractive wild landscape. 

In addition to swimming in the sea, Phu Quoc also has other interesting activities that not everyone knows is to tour around the island by Jeep and cable car. This will be a new experience for tourists who can discover the other beauty of Phu Quoc off the sea. Tourists can visit the rainforest, see the sea stars and enjoy fresh seafood. Traveling to Vietnam with kids should not miss Phu Quoc because the sea scenery and the sea air here will make your kids love it! 

5. Farm Tour & Cooking Class With Kids:

Farm Tour & Cooking Class With Kids - AN Tours Viet Nam

Vietnamese food is always at the top of the best food in the world so learning to cook Vietnamese will be an incredible experience for families and kids. Tourists will enjoy the fresh air of the countryside, go to the local market to shop for fresh ingredients, and visit the outskirts of Vietnam.

Then tourists can join cooking classes along with their kids and harvest delicious fresh vegetables right in the garden. Some of the dishes that tourists can cook at the farm are:

  • Vietnamese Minced Pork Grilled With Lemon Grass.
  • Vietnamese Spring Rolls.
  • Vietnamese Pancakes.
  • Mekong Delta Jackfruit Leaf Cakes.

6. Camping at Vung Tau with kids:

Vung Tau Camping Mobihome Tour - AN Tours Vietnam 05

If you are tired of traveling to Vietnam with kids and only staying in a hotel and feeling overwhelmed, change the wind by camping at Vũng Tàu Sea. The Wung Shipping Sea is just 2 hours drive from Ho Chi Minh City and is a vibrant tourist city. 

Tourists can immerse themselves in nature and have fresh experiences with kids while camping on the beach to enjoy the sea wind. The camping experience will help your kids learn how to build tents, fire campgrounds, and make their BBQ. Travelers will have a memorable experience with their family and have a nice memory when traveling in Vietnam.

Vietnam is an extremely attractive destination and very suitable for kids because Vietnam is extremely developed in terms of tourism, there are many tourist activities for families and friendly, gentle people. AN Tours Vietnam hopes through the above article, tourists will know what things to do in Vietnam with kids to have a perfect vacation with their family in their upcoming vacation. For more interesting travel activities, contact AN Tours Vietnam for advice and more travel information.

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