Top things to do in Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival 2023

Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as "Tet Trung Thu '' in Vietnamese, is a vibrant, bustling, and culturally rich holiday for Vietnamese people. At the Mid-Autumn Festival, tourists can experience the colorful scene of lanterns all over the road, the fantastic lion dance, and many stalls selling mooncakes. with AN Tours Vietnam shares some unique activities that tourists hardly get in other places.
Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 by AN Tours Vietnam

When will the Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 take place?

The Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival is held according to the calendar, which is the full moon day of August every year. In 2023, the Mid-Autumn Festival will take place on Friday, September 29. This will be a special occasion for tourists to enjoy the joyful atmosphere of Vietnamese people’s holidays, thereby understanding more about Vietnamese people. culture as well as immerse yourself in this vibrant festival.

Interesting things you may not know about Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam

The Story of Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival

Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 story by AN Tours Vietnam

The Mid-Autumn Festival has its roots in a long-standing legend that is the story of Cuoi and Hang Nga-The Moon Lady. Hang Nga was originally a fairy in the high moon and loved children very much. One day, Ngoc Hoang-The Jade Emperor held a mooncake-making contest. Ms. Hang Nga came down to the world to consult and meet Cuoi. Cuoi is a guy who is a liar but is a good cook. Therefore, Cuoi is loved by children very much. After that, Hang Nga asked Cuoi to make a cake. Cuoi loved to make cakes. Cuoi dropped the ingredients and made a delicious cake. After that, Hang Nga brought this cake to the contest, the cake was praised by everyone as very tasty, and Hang Nga was also rewarded by Ngoc Hoang.

Cuoi liked her very much and did not want to leave her. So Cuoi followed her to the moon. But after a while, Cuoi missed home and missed the children so much that he sat crying under the banyan tree and looked down at the world.

Because of that, on the full moon day, the brightest moon day in autumn, Hang and Uncle Cuoi were allowed by Ngoc Hoang to fly down to Earth to play with the children. From then on, the Mid-Autumn Festival was also formed here. This is an interesting legend that many Vietnamese people know and it is deeply imprinted in everyone’s mind here.

Meaning of the Mid-Autumn Festival

Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 meaning by AN Tour Vietnam

Depending on the concept of each person, the Mid-Autumn Festival is associated with different meanings. According to Vietnamese custom, the adults in the family will prepare a tray (including many fruit cakes) to offer to the ancestors. This action shows respect for the deceased relatives in the family and is also an opportunity for family members to gather, chat and eat together. Perhaps that’s why, Mid-Autumn Festival is also called Doan Vien Tet – the festival of reunion. 

Besides, the Mid-Autumn Festival is also called the Children’s Tet. This is an opportunity for children in all parts of Vietnam to play together, and watch lion dances, and antique trays.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is also an opportunity for people to watch the moon and predict the upcoming crops as well as the national destiny according to the ancient concept. For example, if the moon is full, bright, and yellow, that year will surely hit the silkworm season. If the moon is full, bright, and blue (or green), that year may bring disaster. Or if the moon is full, bright, and orange, it is a sign of a prosperous country, the people are prosperous and happy in that year.

Top things to do in Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival

Buy mooncakes as a gift during the Mid-Autumn Festival

In every Mid-Autumn Festival, moon cake is an indispensable dish and this is considered the soul of the traditional holiday in Vietnam. Therefore, moon cakes are bought by the majority of Vietnamese people to give to relatives, friends, and partners on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival. In Vietnam, two types of mooncakes are popular, and the most popular are baked mooncakes and sticky rice cakes. Each type of cake has its unique flavor and meaning.

Baked Mooncake: you can see the variety of fillings inside the cake such as green bean, lotus seed, coconut, and meat-based fillings such as chicken and sausage. Baked mooncakes symbolize family reunion, no matter what and no matter what happens, family is always by our side.

Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 baked moon cake by AN Tour Vietnam

Sticky Rice Cake: this is a type of cake made from finely ground glutinous rice flour, the cake is round and ivory white like the moon. This cake symbolizes the love of husband and wife.

Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 by AN Tour Vietnam

Spending time with family and friends

Vietnam Mid-Autumn-Festival 2023 spending time with family

After a period of tiring and hard work, the Mid-Autumn Festival is the right time for everyone in the family to gather together to eat an attractive mid-autumn rice tray. Those who are far from home can return to visit their families. Family members will gather together to talk, eat and share. The atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival is extremely cozy and is an opportunity to meet friends and relatives who have been separated for a long time. That’s why the Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival is also known as reunion day (Doan Vien Tet).

Children's activities in Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is also considered a day for children because on the holiday there are many exciting activities that children look forward to. The colorful mid-autumn lanterns mixed with the lion dance troupes as well as enjoying delicious food at the Mid-Autumn Festival will give children a beautiful childhood memory. Some activities on Mid-Autumn Festival for children that when traveling to Vietnam you can see:

Making mooncakes

Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 making moon cake by AN Tour Vietnam

On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, moon cake is an indispensable dish. Every year on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, many moon cake-making festivals take place and small children can unleash their creativity in making cakes and enjoying them. Children are the factors that love to be creative and colorful, so making cakes is quite a favorite and well-received thing on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam.

DIY Mid-Autumn lanterns

Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 latern making by AN Tour Vietnam

Making mid-autumn lanterns is also an activity that is loved by many children. Nowadays, the traditional mid-autumn lanterns are gradually being replaced by battery-powered and lantern-powered mid-autumn lanterns and it will be a pity if children later don’t know about colorful handmade lanterns sharp. The workshop on making lanterns is a meaningful activity for tourists to better understand the traditions of Vietnamese people.

Eat some Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival dishes

Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 latern making by AN Tour Vietnam

In addition to eating mooncakes, on every mid-autumn festival, each family will cook many other attractive dishes such as floating tea, dishes from taro, sticky rice, and dishes made from lotus root. There is nothing more wonderful than when the family sits together to eat delicious food and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Buy lanterns and go to the streets displaying lanterns during Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival buy and displaying laterns by AN Tours Vietnam

If you don’t have time to make your mid-autumn lanterns with different shapes and colors, you can go and buy them. On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, mid-autumn lights are sold everywhere on the streets of Vietnam. The Mid-Autumn Festival cannot be without the image of colorful lanterns shining brightly under the golden moon. The Mid-Autumn Festival procession has long been imprinted in the minds of Vietnamese people and this is an opportunity for everyone to gather after many busy days. Some of the remaining mid-autumn lanterns are made into lanterns. After writing wishes, they float on the riverbank to carry the prayers away.

Wearing red clothes increases luck

Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 wear red to increase luck by AN Tours Vietnam

According to the concept of Asians, red is a vibrant color and brings a lot of luck, therefore, on important occasions, people will wear red clothes. Red in folklore is the color that brings peace, luck, and happiness. Some families also hang red lanterns in front of the house to wish for peace for the family. 

In feng shui, red is a color that carries positive energy, anything related to this color carries the meaning of increased capacity as well as strength. Perhaps that is why red appears in a lot of space around us, to help the living space avoid being sunk into a stupor and fatigue.

Watching lion dance during the Mid-Autumn Festival

Vietnam Mid Autumn-Festival 2023 lion dance by AN Tour Vietnam

The lion dance is an indispensable feature of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The lion dance is not only a human art but also a wish for prosperity for the remaining months of the year. Depending on the space and the festival season, the dragon lion will have different dances, not only dancing individually but also dancing together to form the most perfect trio. In Vietnam, the lion dance on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival is a joy for children, a beautiful memory in the eyes of children. On the full moon day of August, when the lanterns are filled with colors, the streets are bustling, and the pounding drums resound throughout the sky, bringing joy to children and adults alike.

Decorate the antique tray to look at the moon

Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 antique tray by AN Tours Vietnam

The traditional mid-autumn festival of the Vietnamese people includes 5 kinds of fruits and is full of sweets symbolizing warmth, good weather, and favorable weather. The fruits displayed in the tray must have a certain ripeness and each fruit has its meaning. Depending on each region in Vietnam, the Mid-Autumn Festival tray will have different arrangements. After presenting the tray to worship ancestors, heaven and earth, the family can gather together to watch the moon and talk.

Bringing the family to Vietnam to experience the occasion

Vietnam-Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 bring family to occasion by AN Tours Vietnam

If you are passionate about learning about traditional cultures or you are a busy person, or away from family, the Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival is the ideal time for you to bring your family to visit Vietnam to reunite and have fun. festive season together. Join your family in all the exciting Mid-Autumn Festival activities, try Vietnamese mooncakes, and have fun with lion dance activities. Visit AN Tours Vietnam to find many exciting family activities this Mid-Autumn Festival. Travelers can join a night tour at AN Tours Vietnam to enjoy the atmosphere of the Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival:

Local Night Walking Food Tour

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Things to keep in mind when celebrating the Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival

Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 things to keep in mind by AN Tour Vietnam

The Mid-Autumn Festival has many special meanings and if you have the opportunity to visit Vietnam on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, tourists will not only know more about the Vietnamese culture but also spend a meaningful time with the people. his own body. It’s meaningful when you just go on a trip with your loved ones and spend more time with your family. Because it is not natural that the Mid-Autumn Festival also has the meaning of reunion. This is an opportunity for children and grandchildren in the family to pay respect to their grandparents, parents, and grandparents. No matter how far you go, on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, remember to come back to eat and spend time with your family.

If you love the festive atmosphere and want to experience something new, visit Vietnam to enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival as well as enjoy delicious food and cultural exchanges. Contact AN Tours Vietnam immediately if you have questions about other interesting tours and activities.

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