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Explore Ho Chi Minh City’s best places to visit with Saigon Cyclo Tour: Local Lens. With options to explore Popular sites or Local hidden gems, you can choose to explore the different aspects of the city. Engage with the city’s soul through stories shared by your cyclo driver, offering a unique, intimate glimpse into the everyday life and vibrant spirit of Saigon.

Doing this tour with us, you can enjoy the best moments of Saigon sightseeing without the worries of Cyclo scams. Our tour only comes with professional licensed drivers who are always friendly & behave well to travelers.

Also, check this article to see Why cyclo tours are a must-do in Saigon.

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Private tour



Saigon Cyclo Tour - Local Lens - Happy guests
Saigon Cyclo Tour - Local Lens - Happy guests
Saigon Cyclo Tour - happy guests on the cyclos
Saigon Cyclo Tour - happy guests on the cyclos

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29 USD19 USDFree


  • The price above is applied for group of 2 guests or above, for 1 guest only, there will be a 10 USD extra charge
  • Please note that our price of 29 USD is for a private tour. Some other tour operators show the same price but it turns out to be big group tour.
  • Our Saigon Cyclo Tour price is the same for adults and children above 8 years old
  • Our price is all-inclusive with no hidden fee. However, if you want to customize the itinerary, the price may change based on your requests
  • Each of the guests will have their own cyclo driver. Children can only stay in a cyclo with an adult if the child is small enough.
  • In our Saigon Cyclo Tour, tipping is not required but we highly recommend that you should tip our cyclo drivers. Most of them are friendly elderly people who do the job to support their daily lives. Your appreciation will help them a lot.


Why choose us?

Private & comfortable

Enjoy exclusive, comfortable touring with personal attention and privacy. No more joining a Saigon cyclo tour with 30 other guests.

Friendly & no scams

Cyclos are one of the best ways to explore Saigon. With our friendly well-trained drivers, there will be no worries of scamming.


Although the itinerary is already designed, you can also request customization for our Saigon Cyclo Tour.

No hidden fee

Transparent pricing with no unexpected costs. As one of the top travel companies, we make sure everything is clear.

Itinerary (option 1): Main sites

Our first option of Saigon Cyclo Tour will take you to the main sites of Ho Chi Minh City – Saigon for a quick sightseeing. This option is best for travelers who visit Saigon for the first time, and want an easy trip throughout the most popular places to visit in Saigon.


We’ll pick you up at your hotel in District 1 (or meeting point if your hotel is not in the city center), and we will start the tour Our guide(s) and our cyclos drivers will take you to explore the local life in Saigon.

Saigon Central Post Office

The Saigon Central Post Office, located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, is a stunning example of French colonial architecture, designed by Alfred Foulhoux and constructed in the late 19th century. Its Gothic, Renaissance, and French influences create a remarkable aesthetic. This fully operational post office is also a popular tourist destination, known for its ornate interiors and historical significance.

A trip through Saigon riverside (passby)

The riverside along Ton Duc Thang Street in Ho Chi Minh City is a vibrant and picturesque area, offering panoramic views of the Saigon River. This bustling promenade is dotted with upscale restaurants, chic cafes, and lush parks, making it a popular spot for both locals and tourists to relax, dine, and enjoy the city’s scenic waterfront.

Nguyen Hue Walking Street (passby)

Nguyen Hue Walking Street, located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, is a bustling pedestrian boulevard known for its lively atmosphere. It’s surrounded by stunning colonial architecture, and filled with shops, cafes, and street performances. This vibrant area becomes especially animated in the evenings and during festivals, drawing crowds eager to enjoy its dynamic urban culture.

Ben Thanh Market (passby)

Ben Thanh Market, a cornerstone of Ho Chi Minh City, has a rich history dating back to the 17th century, evolving from a small wet market to a significant symbol of the city. Serving as a bustling center for commerce, it showcases Vietnam’s vibrant culinary flavors and artisanal craftsmanship. As a key tourist attraction, it draws visitors keen to experience the lively atmosphere, explore local culture, and find unique souvenirs, playing a vital role in connecting Vietnam’s heritage with the world.

Thich Quang Duc Monument

The Thich Quang Duc Monument in Ho Chi Minh City commemorates the self-immolation of the Buddhist monk Thich Quang Duc in 1963, a protest against the persecution of Buddhists by the South Vietnamese government. This poignant statue stands as a powerful symbol of peace and religious freedom, attracting visitors who come to pay respects and reflect on the monk’s sacrifice for his beliefs, highlighting a critical moment in Vietnam’s history.

Xa Loi Buddhist Temple

Xa Loi Buddhist Temple, located in Ho Chi Minh City, is a significant religious and historical site, known for its role in the Buddhist crisis of the early 1960s. It was the focal point of protests against the South Vietnamese government’s discriminatory policies towards Buddhists. The temple houses an impressive seven-tiered pagoda, making it a place of both spiritual practice and a reminder of Vietnam’s struggle for religious equality and freedom. It continues to be a place of pilgrimage and interest for both worshippers and tourists.

Independence Palace (passby)

The Independence Palace, also known as Reunification Palace, in Ho Chi Minh City, stands as a symbol of Vietnam’s turbulent history leading to its independence. Originally the residence of the South Vietnamese President, it became famous when a North Vietnamese Army tank crashed through its gates in 1975, marking the end of the Vietnam War. Today, it serves as a museum, offering visitors a glimpse into Vietnam’s past with preserved rooms and state functions, reflecting its pivotal role in the country’s journey towards peace and reunification.

Itinerary (option 2): Local sites

For this itinerary option, our Saigon Cyclo Tour will bring you to the hidden gems of Ho Chi Minh City – Saigon, where you will explore local lives with their culture, work, daily routines, and religions. This option is best for those who want to explore the authentic aspects of Saigon.


We’ll pick you up at your hotel in District 1 (or meeting point if your hotel is not in the city center), and we will start the tour Our guide(s) and our cyclos drivers will take you to explore the local life in Saigon.

Ho Thi Ky Flower Market

Ho Thi Ky Flower Market, located in Ho Chi Minh City, is the largest wholesale flower market in the city. It’s a vibrant, colorful bazaar that operates mainly at night and early morning, offering a wide variety of flowers from across Vietnam and even imported blooms. Visitors can explore rows of fragrant flowers, including roses, orchids, chrysanthemums, and more, making it a popular spot for photographers and those looking to experience the local culture and commerce. The market is not only a place for buying flowers but also a fascinating glimpse into the daily life of the locals.

Saigon Pet Market (passby)

After the flower market, we will pass by the pet market nearby, where many locals come to buy their pets.

Saigon Electronic Market (passby)

The area is well-known as one of the best places to buy electronic items at retail and wholesale at cheap prices in Ho Chi Minh City.

Motorbike Market (passby)

Tan Thanh Motorbike Market, located in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), is renowned as one of the largest second-hand motorbike markets in the region. It’s a bustling hub where buyers and sellers converge to trade a wide array of motorbikes, ranging from everyday scooters to high-end motorcycles. The market offers a variety of services, including sales, repairs, and modifications. It’s an ideal place for those looking to purchase a used motorbike at a reasonable price or for enthusiasts seeking parts and accessories. Tan Thanh Market provides a unique insight into Vietnam’s vibrant motorbike culture, reflecting the importance of two-wheeled transport in the country’s urban life.

Soai Kinh Lam Silk Market (passby)

Nestled in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Soai Kinh Lam Fabric Market stands as a vibrant testament to Vietnam’s rich textile heritage. This bustling hub attracts fashion designers, tailors, and textile enthusiasts with its extensive collection of materials ranging from luxurious silk to durable cotton and innovative synthetics. With every conceivable color, pattern, and texture on display, it’s a paradise for those seeking the perfect fabric for clothing, accessories, or even home décor projects. Beyond its commercial appeal, Soai Kinh Lam offers a deep dive into the craftsmanship and fashion culture of Vietnam, making it an essential visit for anyone passionate about fabrics and design.

One of the oldest churches in Saigon China Town

Cha Tam Church, officially known as St. Francis Xavier Parish Church, is a significant landmark located in the Cholon district of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Constructed between 1900 and 1902, this Catholic church showcases a unique blend of European and Chinese architectural styles, reflecting the multicultural heritage of the area.

The 300-year-old temple - Thien Hau

Thien Hau Temple, located in District 5 of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, is a revered Chinese-style temple dedicated to Thien Hau, the Sea Goddess, who is believed to protect sailors and fishermen. This temple, built in 18th century, is a significant cultural and religious site for the local Chinese community and visitors alike.

Back to hotel

End the trip, we will drop you off at the hotel.


  • Experience Saigon on the cyclo/ rickshaw
  • Multiple options for itinerary
  • Explore Main sites/ local lives with local guides
  • Customizable Saigon Cyclo Tours
  • All private cyclo tours, no need to wait for other guests


  • Local English-speaking tour guide
  • Cyclo/ Rickshaw and Drivers
  • Pick up and drop off at a centrally located hotel (District 1)
  • Entry/Admission for places to visit in the tour
  • A bottle of water
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips for driver or guide
  • Going inside places with note "passby"


4 hours & below




HCMC - Saigon

Frequently asked questions

It may be. However, we strongly don't recommend riding the cyclo on your own. The traffic in Saigon is quite complicated, and it will be exhausting to ride a cyclo around. That is why it's best to enjoy the sightseeing as a passenger on the cyclo, with your friendly local driver.

In Vietnam, a cyclo (pronounced "xich lo" in Vietnamese), also known as a rickshaw in some countries, is a three-wheeled bicycle taxi that traditionally has a seat at the front for passengers and is pedaled by the driver at the back. This mode of transportation became popular in Vietnam during the French colonial period and has since been a symbol of Vietnamese street life. Cyclos are used for both short trips around cities and as a popular way for tourists to explore local sights at a leisurely pace, offering a unique and intimate view of Vietnam's bustling streets, vibrant markets, and historic landmarks. Despite the rise of motorized vehicles, cyclos remain a cherished cultural icon, providing a glimpse into the slower-paced life of yesteryears.

Yes, it can be quite hot during a cyclo tour, especially considering Saigon's tropical climate. The country experiences high temperatures and humidity throughout the year, with the hottest months typically ranging from March to May. While riding in a cyclo offers some breeze as you move, the open design provides little shade from the direct sunlight. It's advisable to wear light, breathable clothing, use sunscreen, and stay hydrated. Many tours might also include stops where you can seek shade and refreshments. To avoid the heat, consider scheduling your cyclo tour early in the morning or later in the afternoon when the temperatures are cooler.

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