Saigon Unseen On Motorbike (Daytime)

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Ho Chi Minh City
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About this tour

You are bored of tours that only take you to touristy landmarks? Notre Dame Cathedral, Post Office, Museums,… all of the places that you can visit yourself with no need of a tour. Understanding that, we create a different experience for you: to explore the city like locals. In this tour, you will be on the back of the motorbike, lead by your tour guide to flow into a journey of the unseen by tourists. Are you ready to go through the most local alleys that tourists can never find themselves? Let’s go!

*Note: As this is a 100% local tour, some places/ restaurants may be closed without notice. In that rare case, we will make some reasonably arrangements to the tour itinerary, so that everything can go as usual with the plan. Your experience is always fulfilled with us.


Price per person
Children (11-17) & Adult (18+) 5-10 yo Under 5 yo
35 USD 29 USD Free


  • Private tour
  • Traveling through 7 districts of the city
  • 100% local area
  • The secret weapon bunker
  • The oldest apartment in Saigon
  • The oldest coffee shop in Saigon
  • Mini floating market
  • Customizable for locations, starting time,...


  • Coffee, coconut, bottled water
  • English speaking Tour guide & transportation
  • Hotel pick-up & drop-off (district 1, 3, 4) - For other pick-up location, please pay a little more for the guide for their gas.
  • Helmets & rain coat
  • Entrance fee
  • Boring experience in touristy area
  • Other food & drink that is not mentioned in tour itinerary


<span>Start </span>Hotel pick-up

Our lovely English speaking tour guides will see you at your hotel/ pick-up place to start our journey. Please make sure your booking address is correct.

<span>Stop 1</span>Thich Quang Duc Memorial Monument

In 1963, the monk Thich Quang Duc set himself on fire to protest against anti-Buddhism policies of the Southern government. His sacrifice became legend and motion for many revolutions. To memorialize him, the Buddhists built a monument right at the place of his self-immolation. This is also our first stop of the tour.

<span>Stop 2</span>Secret Weapon Bunker

Hidden in a corner of old town in district 3, a secret weapon bunker was built by Vietnamese soldiers to secretly transfer weapons for Independence Palace attack. Here you will explore the secret bunker, as well as make a pose with weapons inside. Don't worry, they are safe to hold!

<span>Stop 3</span>Saigon oldest apartment & local market

The journey continues to one of the oldest apartment in Saigon, built in Vietnam wars many years ago. Next to it, one of the most popular market in the old town district 3 portraits the most local atmosphere. Surely these are the best places if you would love to explore true local life and stay away from touristy area.

<span>Stop 4</span>Saigon oldest coffee shop

Vietnam, famous with its stunning coffee, is one of the must-go for those who are in love with this black liquid. If you find normal Vietnamese coffee too easy to get yourself, then we will introduce you to one of the most special place for coffee in Saigon. It is one of the oldest coffee shop since 1945. It has unique technique to brew coffee that you can't find many where else. And... there is no tourist at all! Except you, of course.

<span>Stop 5</span>Saigon oldest temple

With the history of 300 years, Thien Hau template hides itself from touristy site, laying on a street of the old China Town. Visiting here you will be stunned with those ancient beautiful architectures, together with the history that the Chinese-Vietnamese brought here when they immigrated here hundreds of years ago.

<span>Stop 6</span>Mini floating market

You must hear about the famous floating market far away in Mekong Delta. There is a small one in Saigon too, which is hidden in Vietnamese local sites of district 7. For our last stop, we will drive you to this area to explore what locals from Mekong Delta brought to this "mini floating market", and drink a fresh coconut from "Coconut Kingdom" while seeing boats floating on the river.

<span>Goodbye time</span>Hotel drop-off

A part of the journey is the end. We love to be your companion for the last moment, so we are gonna ride a bit thorough more local life sights, before going back to your hotel/ dropping off location. Hope to see you in your next trip! Love ya!


4 hours & below




HCMC - Saigon

Frequently asked questions

If you are not interested in touristy popular sites that you can go yourself using Google, but you want to go somewhere else that is truly local, then you definitely should book this tour. It will take you to a lot of places you don't even think they exist in Saigon.

When you are not interested in local sights, or when you are actually looking for something else (shopping, photography experiences,... for example). If so, you should browse for another tour on our website, or contact us for a customized one.

In our "Saigon Unseen On Motorbike (Daytime)", you will travel on the back of the scooter/ motorbike, with your tour guide as the driver. In some stops, the tour will includes a short walking.

As a private tour, it is always customizable for you. We can change the tour itinerary as you request. However, for the new places that you would like to visit, we may consider if it fits the tour program. Some added places may change the price of the tour.

You can fill in the Booking Form. In case you have any special requests or questions, please use Inquiry Form. If you find a technical problem, or anything else, please visit Contact Page to send us a message.

Yes, this is a private tour, so you can always book at the last minutes. However, sometimes we have a lot of tours at the same time a day. In that case, your last minute booking starting time may be rearranged to 30 mins - 1 hour later. Don't worry, we will contact you immediately for support.

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