Xanh SM taxi app: Step-by-step guide how to install & use in Vietnam

Struggling to install and use the Xanh SM taxi app in Vietnam? Look no further! Our article breaks down the process into simple, easy-to-follow steps, ensuring a hassle-free experience. From installation to navigating your first ride, you will find it easier than ever after this guide.
Xanh SM taxi app - Step-by-step guide how to install and use in Vietnam
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Step 1: Search for Xanh SM app

For the first step to install Xanh SM Taxi App – one of the most reliable Vietnam taxis, simply search for the keyword “xanh sm” on Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS) and click the first application that appears on the results.

Keep in mind that the first app named “Book EV rides” is for users, which you will download. The other apps that look similar are for drivers and merchants.

  • For iOS, click here to download.
  • For Android, click here to download.

It is recommended to download the application before you arrive in Vietnam, as it will take some time to install and set up the app. After installation, you can easily find the app icon in your home page.

Step 1 - Search for Xanh SM app
Step 1 - Search for Xanh SM app

Step 2: Allow the app to send notifications and use location service

After opening the Xanh SM app for the first time, it will ask for your allowance to send notifications and use the phone’s location service. Click “Allow” for all of these features, because:

  1. Real-time Updates: Notifications keep you informed about the status of your rides, promotional offers, and updates from the service. This means you’ll never miss out on important information, such as when your taxi is arriving or if there are any changes to your booking.

  2. Efficient Navigation and Pickup: By accessing your phone’s location service, Xanh SM can provide more accurate pickup locations and better route navigation. This ensures that drivers can find you easily, reducing wait times and improving the overall efficiency of your travel.

  3. Personalized Services: Location access enables Xanh SM to offer personalized recommendations and services based on your current location. Whether it’s suggesting nearby destinations or offering location-specific promotions, this tailored approach enhances your app experience.

  4. Safety Features: Location services also play a crucial role in enhancing your safety. In case of emergencies, the app can use your real-time location to provide assistance more quickly.

Step 2 - Accept the app requests for allowance
Step 2 - Accept the app requests for allowance

Step 3: Set up your personal information & password

After your allowance, the Xanh SM app will ask you to set up the following steps:

  • Input your phone number (preferably Vietnamese phone number +84 as the app will send an OTP code to confirm)
  • Receive your OTP code and input it into the app
  • Input your full name and email
  • Enter referral code for discounts (if you don’t have this just Skip)
  • Input your password for the app (6-digit number)

Then you will finish the installation. Your Xanh SM app is ready to use. The app will ask you to input your phone number and passport again to sign in.

Step 3 - Set up your personal information
Step 3 - Set up your personal information

Step 4: Set up your card payment (optional)

If you want to use a credit card as the payment method, click “Account” on the bottom right of the app. Next, choose “Payment” and input your card information. However, there are some notes that you should keep in mind before setting up:

  • The app only supports VISA, Mastercard and JCB issued in Vietnam
  • Not support ATM cards yet
  • Your account will be deducted 1000 VND for the first time adding a card. This amount will be refunded later

If you only want cash payment, you can skip this option.

Step 4 - Set up card payment (optional)
Step 4 - Set up card payment (optional)

Step 5: Book your rides

Click the home page “Booking”. Then you can choose the type of vehicle or your destination to start booking a ride. It varies from bike to car booking.

Choose your type of vehicle or destination
Choose your type of vehicle or destination

Select the pick-up and drop-off point using text or the map. After that, in a screen, you will need to check again for:

  • Your destination
  • Your type of vehicle
  • Your payment method
  • Your promotion code (if you have one)

Click “Book Xanh SM Taxi” and the app will find drivers nearby for you.

Confirm your trip and wait for a driver
Confirm your trip and wait for a driver

Step 6: Track your ride

You will receive a notification when the app finds a driver for you. You can always track the driver’s location in real-time inside the app.

Scroll down for more information about the trip. In case you need to cancel for some reason, click “Cancel trip” at the end of the app.

In case of emergency, you can always call Xanh SM’s hotline 1900 2088 to get help.

Step 6 - Track your ride with Xanh SM
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